• After finding a single wrinkle-esque mark in my freshly 30 forehead, I went ahead and switched up my entire skincare routine, which previously consisted of 1. Soap 2. Ponds. Anyway, it feels like my entire face is about to crack off ~but when it does~ I better look 17 again or at least close to it because wow this totally hurts.

    Combined with the Lent-inspired task of not drinking and only shopping locally (a near impossible goal in the city of Detroit,) I’m feeling really restricted. Although, I did buy a salt lamp from BB&B today, which didn’t count as outside the city shopping as I had a gift card… Always looking for that loophole. Getting older is weird because you get stoked on lamps made of salt. Like this purchase made my day, I’ll be honest. Also, maybe now is a good time to start GAPS in hopes of fixing my myriad food allergies? Let’s just go all in here. It’s a new age, apparently.

    At least it stayed light past 6pm today.

    *Above photo of me at an art opening the other week… As expected, my favorite piece was in he bathroom.